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A New Idea to Handle Useless Tyres Effectively

We have came up with a new , effective way to turn unuseable tyres and stone mines waste into a new product

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How does our idea work?

Vehicles tyres and stone rubbish are extermely dangerous on the palestinian enviroment , therefore CleanPalCo came with a new idea to deal with this danger by recycling them together to produce new products such as Tiles , Stone Bricks and Rubber Floors


The number of used tyres in the middle east is estimated to be over 170 million tyres yearly, which half of it is thrown away in large empty lands, those tyres also are hard to get rid of unless it's by burying which is also not effective because it takes about 1000 years, also burning the tyres leads to a lot of toxic gases being released in the air, those gases effect the human health and cause severe diseases


Stone rubbish constitutes an economic burden on the owners of stone factories that constitute 5% of the local production, and getting rid of it resulted in destroying hundreds acres of agricultural lands and covers it with a white layer of calcium carbonate, which damaged the sewege network in many cites such as Hebron, stone rubbish also contaminated the natural components of the underground water found in a lot of cites in Palestine

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